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 Yes it’s true, negative thoughts and

  attitudes can lead to illness and

  dis-ease. Many people have   benefited from this book and now   you can, too.

This book has been hailed as the “Libertarian Bible” and “Libertarian Manifesto.” A “McWilliams Masterpiece!” Recommended for anyone

Who cares about their personal freedom!

An essential book for anyone suffering loss  of any kind-and not just love!

Healing hearts for well over 30 years!

Features  Peter’s amazing poetry...

Peter himself was diagnosed with  depression and with the help of co-  author and friend Harold Bloomfield,  he was able to heal and help others.

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  An instruction manual for your life.  

 LIFE 101 is a friendly guide!   Customer Reviews click HERE

Get off of that couch, and start LIVING your dreams. If you feel like a slacker, DO IT!  will help awaken your desires and dreams !

Self-love is THE most important love  of all.  LOVE 101 helps you build that  self-esteem and confidence!

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Pocket-size versions

 of the originals. Print is  big and easy to read!  

Peter was also great with a camera! This coffee-table sized book features  black and white plus color; everyday people plus celebrities.  

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Peter’s complete collection of

 romantic poetry spanning  decades. For a 2 minute  taste, click HERE.

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 Learn to be wealthy in all   ways-, not just with money.   Customer Reviews click   HERE.

The LIFE 101 Quote Book compiles all quotes used in The LIFE 101 Series. It’s a really nice reference tool.

 Grow book for Patients-not Profits!

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